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  • What do Finbox Tapes do?
    If you look closely at your finboxes, whether they are Futures or FCS, you will notice subtle, small cracks in the glassing along the perimeter of the finbox. If your board is brand new, it may not have them yet. But if you've been surfing your board for a while, or surfing it hard and cranking some mean turns, these "stress cracks" will inevitably form. This is due to multiple factors. 1. When your surfboard is being made, the fiberglass and resin don't adhere to the plastic finbox material like they do to the surfboard foam. 2. The thickness of the layer of resin over the finbox is also different from the thickness of the layer of resin over the foam. These differences unavoidably create a "weak point" in the fiberglass and resin directly along the perimeter of the finboxes. This is true for both Futures and FCS finboxes alike. Finbox Tapes are made of 6mm poly-vinyl laminate which provides strength to these "weak" areas of your surfboard and help prevent "stress cracks" from forming in the first place. If cracks have already formed, then Finbox Tapes will seal them water-tight, and prevent further damage to your surfboard. They are UV-resistant so will remain clear and not turn yellow or brown for up to 5 years. Yet, they can be removed without leaving behind adhesive residue.
  • Why is there only one Futures Finbox Tape model vs 3 FCS models?
    That is correct! We have different Finbox Tape models for FCS I (original), FCS Fusion, and FCS II (most recent). However, for Futures, there is only one Finbox Tape model. The reason is that although the newer Futures finboxes may look slightly different (they have perforations), their size and overall template is the same as the original Futures finboxes. So our Futures Finbox Tapes will work for all Futures finboxes.
  • What is the Ding Sheet?
    The Ding Sheet is a 4mm poly-vinyl laminate that comes with 26 pre-cut shapes to instantly cover small dings. In addition to the standard oval shapes, there are triangle and diamond shapes to place over the rails, nose, and tail of your surfboard - areas where it was traditionally difficult to get ding tape to lay flat without wrinkling or puckering. All the edges are rounded and smoothed to minimize fraying and catching on your wetsuit or bathing suit. *** PRO TIP *** Use the two large horizontal oval pieces to cover up unused/empty finboxes, thereby eliminating unnecessary turbulence and drag and creating a more hydrodynamic bottom = more SPEED!!
  • Can the Ding Sheet replace a traditional ding repair job?
    Yes and No. A major ding needs to be repaired properly with fiberglass and resin. However, most dings are minor and often occur out of the water (loading and unloading from your car, walking through a doorway, hitting furniture while posing with your board in front of the mirror, etc...). Often times, these small cracks can simply be sealed water-tight with ding tape. In fact, doing a full repair job for a minor ding may actually cause more harm to your surfboard than good. Think twice before you let that sandpaper touch your delicate surfboard!!
  • Is Demand sponsoring any athletes?
    Not at this time. But we hope to soon! If you have a compelling reason why Demand should sponsor you, please get in touch with us at
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